Tuesday, June 28, 2011

In Afghanistan

In addition to my semi-regular recurring Nightmares, I give you a song parody I composed entitled "In Afghanistan", sung to the tune of Willie Nelson's "On the Road Again." Many thanks to Facebook buddies Suzanne Hayasaki for the inspiration and Julie Dewane Schwantes for suggesting I post it here.

In Afghanistan

In Afghanistan
I really hate it in Afghanistan
The life I love is drinking beer out of a can
But I can't do that in Afghanistan

In Afghanistan
We live in tents and use a port-o-can
And it's so hot your brain will bake just like a ham
It sucks to be here in Afghanistan

We're in Afghanistan
We're a bunch of sand crabs in the midst of nowhere
We're a ragged clan
Insisting that there's something worth to save there
Au contraire...

In Afghanistan
Dodging rockets fired by Taliban
We sit in bunkers wond'ring how the hell we can
Last much longer in Afghanistan

(cue guitar and harmonica break...)

We're in Afghanistan
Like astronauts we're stranded on this moonscape
There's no exit plan
And we're scared that we're all running out of duct tape
Or coffee

In Afghanistan
I'm tired of working on my farmer's tan
But then they're paying me a hundred-fifty grand
So I guess I'll stay here in Afghanistan

War is Hell, we just do what we can...

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